A sincere passion for our favourite team (Novara Calcio 1908) has brought us to the same place and allowed us to establish a deep friendship. Il Mago, Pennello, Zicky, Jethro; nicknames not culled from some novel but instead drawn from individual peculiarities. Very different personalities both from a generational and an academic standpoint, different yet complementary not only in interpersonal dialogue and in the implementation of projects but also in our leisure time. Our friendship is marked by an honest, no-frills attitude, with all the simplicity and sometimes the rawness of life: this is precisely what has led us to understand how important it is to share our passion with others and to compose this book. We would like to spend a few words about our "editorial philosophy": the path we have traced follows the birth and history of the oldest football clubs of the world, with particular attention paid to British teams and to the "founding fathers" of each country, also taking into account teams which are still in activity. Europe and South America hold the lion's share but there's no shortage of information about Africa, Asia and Oceania. Featured states refer to the current geopolitical landscape, the former Yugoslavia and Soviet Union are notable exceptions.